Thanks Jay Servidio | Teleteria Rocks

I am Terri from Vegas. I met Jay years ago at the AVN Awards. My friend Lisa and I were dying to go but had no tickets. Jay got us tickets and we spent the whole night at Jays table having a blast. Hes such a great generous guy.

Anyway, we were tired of dancing for a living but had no other real skills. Jay explained that we could run our own adult sites and do live shows from home and make more then we were making at da club. First I got started and then Lisa then a bunch of our girlfriends. Its awesome, we get paid direct by wire transfer every two weeks. I recently read the  article and am so proud of Jay.

Last year my sites generated over 200 grand. I never made that much dancing. I have a savings account and I own my home. What a change my life has become since I met Jay. Love you!!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to JAY SERVIDIO and the crew at Teleteria. You guys are awesome and make sure you call me when you get to Vegas again.

jay servidio

jay servidio


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